Jul 2017

Near Disaster

‘Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it’ so I was once told by a very wise woman and these words could not have been truer than during the Exiles trip to Kobbefjord. The day had started well with a trip on the dingy to the island so that Dan could make a 3D image of it by flying the drone and the Exiles could explore the hills and look for reported Thule archeological sites.

It was Wills birthday so he treated himself to a climb of the nearest mountainous peak and a fell run before we started to prepare for the short sail into nearby Nuuk. Oblivious to the dramatic events that were about to unfold we pulled up the main anchor first and then moved on the aft. Suddenly there was urgent shouting from the back of the boat, the aft line had become caught in the propeller and we were suddenly adrift near shallow, rocky waters with no propulsion.

After a swift ‘DROP THE MAIN ANCHOR!’ from Captain Nico the situation was rapidly assessed and in a James Bond-esque moment Will emerged minutes later from inside the boat in wetsuit, goggles and flippers. ‘I’m going in, there’s no choice we’ll have to cut the anchor line’ he stated dramatically clasping his Leatherman in his hands. He entered the freezing cold water and started a series of dives under the boat to free up the propeller. After the longest 13 minutes of the entire trip Will emerged victorious from the 5th dive with the news that the propeller was at last free. The birthday hero was showered with tea, toast and marmite, a pre-rolled cigarette and a dram of Rum whilst a relieved bunch of Exiles continued onwards to the bright lights of Nuuk.

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