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Mission Arctic

The Melting Arctic is revealing its hidden secrets and opening up new passages that have been under ice for millennia. Join us - a team of passionate Arctic scientists, researchers, filmmakers and polar explorers - as we sail into the heart of the melting ice on a never-before attempted eco-expedition to discover the unexplored stretches and lost treasures of our rapidly changing Arctic environment. During this 2-part extreme eco-expedition, our team will push into newly- exposed waterways, to search for the northernmost woolly mammoth remains in North America, conduct meaningful glacier and iceberg science for the Arctic Research Center, document pre-Inuit archaeological sites and lost remnants of several historical expeditions. We will examine the impacts and implications of the Arctic thaw on our planet and people while producing exciting media products for an international audience.

Expedition Blogs

``Into the Melting Ice' our 2017 expedition is now over but 2018's ``Searching for Bones`` expedition promises to be the most exciting yet. Follow us during the next exciting installment of Mission Arctic.

Searching for Bones

Part 1 of the expedition will focus on biology, history and archaeology as we navigate the ice to dive crushed ships, fly drones to locate lost historical sites, and traverse coastlines on foot to find newly-eroded fossil sites and abandoned expedition camps of over a hundred years ago. These new discoveries will highlight the impacts and implications of our rapidly changing Arctic while exploring the storied history of Arctic exploration.

Wooly Mammoth Remains

We will search for the northernmost bones of wooly mammoths in North America and new deposits of other ice-age mammals based on local traditional knowledge and scientific surveys.

Missing Body of Bernard

Lost in the winter of 1915-1916, the body of Peter Bernard and the 500 pounds of expedition mail he was carrying on his sled, has never been found. We will search for traces of his last journey.

Lost Expedition Sites

We will locate for the first time the 100-year-old camps of the famous Canadian Arctic Expedition. These sites are in danger of being washed away as waves erode shores once protected by land-fast ice.

Hidden Treasures

Using drones and underwater cameras we will search for and document vessels wrecked and lost over the past 150 years including whaling ships, expedition ships, Hudson Bay Company ships, and Inuit schooners.

Expedition Route

Our 2018 expedition will take us North, beyond the Northwest Passage into waters where many past expedition ships were crushed or denied access by the thick ice.

Into the Melting Ice

Part 2 of this incredible two part expedition brings us into never before researched regions of the Arctic to collect data for the Arctic Research Center and to attempt a new passage through a stretch of the Arctic that has only just cleared of ice to highlight the effects of climate change.


Our scientific mission will study how the melting ice is impacting the mixing effect that drives global ocean currents, track the movements of icebergs, measure the physical properties of the ocean and conduct surveys of the sea ice while pushing into uncharted waters. To achieve this we will:

  • Enter into stretches of water previously unaccessible to conduct research
  • Deploy remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to dive below the sea ice
  • Fly drones equipped with ice sensors above icebergs and glaciers  
  • Track ice flow movements using GPS beacons
  • Retrieve previously-deployed ocean sensors in remote Arctic regions 

Expedition Team

Members of our team have been the recipients of prestigious grants and awards, and their previous expeditions have been recognized by influential organizations and environmental figures. Join them as they push themselves to the limits to discover the Arctic’s hidden treasures.

Expedition Begins May 2018